Euroz Hartleys Securities Limited (formerly Euroz Securities Limited)

Euroz Hartleys Securities Limited (“Euroz Hartleys”) is a diversified financial services company which provides a wide range of financial services from stockbroking, to corporate finance, funds management and wealth management.

Euroz Hartleys Securities Limited and Euroz Hartleys Limited operate our stockbroking, wealth management and corporate finance businesses. Entrust Wealth Management are our specialist wealth business and Westoz Funds Management is our funds management business.

We have made a significant investment to build our business capabilities through technology, systems, research and most importantly, our people. In doing so, we have built a team of proven specialists across the above range of disciplines.

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Our Services Include


The focus of the Euroz Hartleys research analysts is to provide timely and accurate investment ideas focusing on companies operating in our target market.  These include mining, oil & gas and industrial companies. Euroz Hartleys research ostensibly concentrates on Western Australian based companies with market capitalisation of between $50m and $1b.

Our analysts come from senior positions in industry with firsthand experience in geology, engineering, mining, finance and commerce.

Our Western Australia base provides Euroz Hartleys’ analysts with on the ground insight into the companies and sectors they cover as well as greater understanding of the local political and economic environments.

Institutional Sales

Our Institutional Sales team includes some of the groups most experienced individuals who seek to deliver true value by providing unique company insight and specialised execution.

Focusing on small to mid-cap WA businesses has allowed Euroz Hartleys to be recognised as one of the leading corporate arms nationally providing institutional clients access to specialised opportunities. We believe that our success is as much about our willingness to be discerning regarding the deals we don’t pursue as the one’s that we do.

Supported by one of the largest in-house research teams, we are able to provide a deep level of understanding of opportunities in the WA market.

Private Clients

Euroz Hartleys can provide specialised investment advice across a broad range of asset classes and sectors. Whether it be in WA small to mid-caps companies through to multi asset class portfolios, we have the in house capability.

We complement this investment universe by leveraging off the group’s specialist technical and strategic financial planning capabilities. This includes delivering advice over superannuation (including SMSF), wealth protection and estate planning.

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Corporate Finance

The division is committed to developing strong, long term working relationships to assist companies throughout their business lifecycle. This commitment is complimented by the technical skills and experience of the Corporate Finance team across a diverse range of industries and disciplines including mining, geology, oil and gas, law, accounting, finance and management.

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