Euroz Hartleys Limited

Euroz Hartleys Limited (“Euroz Hartleys”) is a diversified financial services company which provides a wide range of financial services from stockbroking, to corporate finance, funds management and wealth management.

Euroz Hartleys has been a leading financial services company in Western Australia since 1955. The firm remains the pre-eminent Western Australian broking firm. Its long serving and committed employees have retained the strong culture. In October 2020, Euroz Hartleys Group Limited completed the merger with Hartleys Limited which has been renamed Euroz Hartleys Limited.  Euroz Hartleys Group Limited is 50% owned by its staff which ensures we have a vested interest in your satisfaction.

Euroz Hartleys provide the full spectrum of corporate finance, stockbroking, wealth management, institutional sales and targeted research services. Euroz Hartleys has a strong domestic and international sales capacity providing access for our clients to international capital markets.

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Euroz Hartleys has a national and international client base and large distribution network.

Our specialist focus is on ASX listed resource, energy and industrial companies with a market capitalisation of between $5 million and $5 billion.

Euroz Hartleys Investment Advisers focus on providing quality investment advice to retail and institutional clients. All our Investment Advisers are Perth based.

The Wealth Management division is supported by both the Research and Corporate Finance divisions, which provide in depth technical analysis, equities research and origination and execution of equity issues.

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The Euroz Hartleys Corporate Finance team has extensive experience in equity capital markets, where its role encompasses the organisation, structuring, pricing, marketing and distribution of public offerings and private placements of equity and quasi-equity securities.

The Euroz Hartleys Corporate Finance team is highly skilled and experienced throughout the entire process of M&A transactions, from the early planning stages through to closing.

Euroz Hartleys has a dedicated institutional team, which specialises in ASX listed resource, energy and industrial companies.

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Our goal is wealth creation through sound financial advice and appropriate investment strategies to our retail, wholesale and corporate clients.